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A {50.50.50.} Photo Dump

June 21, 2012

DAY 15

A storm rolling in overhead. This was a really great thunderstorm with lots of awesome lightening and some needed rain. But mostly, great lightening!

DAY 16

A road on the way home from Bismarck. Yes, the light and color really is that pretty and golden.

DAY 17

After a day spent at the lake, JD Man and I were in an adventuresome mood and decided to find our way home by way of the back roads, coming from another direction. We certainly didn’t find any shortcuts like we were hoping to, but we were rewarded with some amazing scenery on roads we’d never traveled before, at the perfect time of evening for more of that gorgeous prairie light. We also found these beauties in a pasture along the road and I knew that I had my picture for the day, even among the many others I took.

DAY 18

I’m embarrassed to tell you that I CANNOT remember what these are called, even though the friend who gave them to me had them nicely labeled and everything. All I know is that they’re a perennial and they’re purple and I love them and I hope I can get them growing the whole way around the deck, eventually.

DAY 19

The pretty Gerbera Daisies setting on my messy kitchen table. But the soft bokeh of a 50mm lens does amazing thing for blurring out that distraction. Look at the flowers instead!

DAY 20

Pretty baby! She loves being outside so, so much and that makes me very, very happy.

Peace out until next time- maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe in 5 days, you never know with me! Oh, the drama, the suspense!


Day 11, Day 12, Day 13, and Day 14. Imagine that! {50.50.50}

June 15, 2012

DAY 11

Be still, my beating heart. My 3 favorite people in the world.

And because I couldn’t choose, my most favorite little girl in the whole wide world! My little prairie rose.

DAY 12

Chives. And a spider web. Duh.

DAY 13

Kinda boring, but c’mon, they can’t ALL be amazing, lol. Actually, I just liked the way the light made the tea such a pretty color. And I had to hurry and get my photo because, you can’t see it in this shot, but there were great big, black storm clouds moving in from the southwest.

DAY 14

*sigh* Tiny yellow flowers, green grass, golden light- need I say more? As close to perfection you can get. At least for today. Tomorrow I’ll try to find another kind of perfection.

Days 78910!!!!!! {50.50.50.}

June 11, 2012

WordPress, I hate your new dashboard setup. I hit one wrong key and my entire, almost-completed post disappeared. So, you suck. And now I will just have to throw these photos up and be done with it.




DAY 10

Day 5 and Day 6 {50.50.50.}

June 7, 2012

Day 5

A prairie twilight. Or, gloaming, in Scotland. A lovely time of day.

Day 6

Cocoa. Shortening. Powdered sugar. Plastic wrap. Whoopie Pies! Oops, I think my Lancaster Co. is showing!

Day 4 {50.50.50.}

June 5, 2012


Mmmmm, fresh lettuce! I made a lovely salad with my first pickings of Buttercrunch lettuce and spinach last night. This year I planted my greens and a few herbs in two old galvanized metal watering tubs and it works really well, much nicer for pulling weeds, what with very few weeds in the tubs and having what’s essentially raised beds, ie, I can be lazy and sit on the ground beside the tubs while maintaining them, no bending over required. Although, something that’s not so cool is the fact that the dogs thought they looked like nice beds too and ruined the first planting in one of the tubs. Oh well, we replanted, hopefully that stuff will come up soon because one tub isn’t quite enough for this family!

Day 2 and Day 3 {50.50.50.}

June 4, 2012


This was quite a lovely weekend. The weather was perfect- sunny, low 80’s, low humidity, a nice breeze. Saturday morning found us getting up bright and early for a long day of shopping (and not the fun kind either) in Bismarck. We left the house before 6:30 a.m., but before we left, I managed to grab my camera and got a few shots of the morning Golden Hour that I so often miss on these summer mornings on the prairie because it happens so freakin’ EARLY!


This photo represents one of my favorite times of day and my favorite time of year here on the prairie. The long hours of golden light in the evening, the perfect, comfortable temperatures and fresh green that accompanies early summer. I love it and I relish in it and I shall remember it every time I look at this image.

50.50.50. Commencing!

June 1, 2012

June 1st. I can’t believe it. The local pool is finally open to the public today and summer is actually here! In an effort to start picking up my camera more often again, I’m taking the 50/50/50 challenge (50 photos in 50 days at 50mm) again- and sadly, these 50 days will get me almost the whole way through the summer up here on the Northern Plains! Well, maybe not quite, but over halfway, definitely.

I am excited to begin this round of 50/50/50 as I need a little more motivation to go out and shoot the new life and beauty springing around me, here in God’s Country. So often I want to go out, but there are always things to do- children to feed, bathrooms to clean, you get the picture (har har, punny). I need that little extra push to decide to ignore things for a little while to go and be creative- soul food, for me. On that note, housework is the killer of the soul, just in case you were wondering.

Here’s my photo for today…

My very favorite baby girl and her very favorite two fingers. How introspective she looks here. And, at times, she is. Often she is, wandering around in her own little world, talking to herself in her own little baby language. Other times she’s extremely fast and busy, making messes, screaming at her big bro, running for hugs from Daddy. She really does look that unkempt most of the time, you’d think she doesn’t have a mother. But she does, one that loves that mop of curls too much to lay a smoothing comb to them! Well, and I also respect the needs of a sensitive scalp.

Today I ignored the messy living room and procrastinated on the budgeting and grocery list I’m working on, to go out and enjoy some sunshine with the kiddos. And it was lovely. But now I must get back to the headache of preparing for town day in Bismarck tomorrow. Blah. It’s been over 3 weeks though, and we need groceries and a bad, bad way.

Anyways, I hope you stick around to see what else I come up with in the next 50 days!